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Prof. Iva Matolínová

Professor, Group leader
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Year 2024

  1. Hrbek, T; Kúš, P; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Matolín, V; Matolínová, I
    Operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy cell for water electrolysis: A complete picture of iridium electronic structure during oxygen evolution reaction
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy 57 :  (11 pages), 2024.
    doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2023.12.216 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001154018200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Blanco Redondo, L; Lobko, Y; Veltruská, K; Nováková, J; Mazur, M; Darabut, AM; Hrbek, T; Dopita, M; Hraníček, J; Yakovlev, Y; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Bifunctional Pt–Ir nanoparticle catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions: investigating the influence of surface composition on the catalytic properties
    Sustainable Energy Fuels 8 (4) :  (14 pages), 2024.
    doi:10.1039/d3se01238g (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001143411300001 BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2023

  1. Kosto, Y; Barcaro, G; Kalinovych, V; Franchi, S; Matvija, P; Matolínová, I; Prince, KC; Matolín, V; Skála, T; Tsud, N; Carravetta, V
    Role of the redox state of cerium oxide on glycine adsorption: an experimental and theoretical study
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 25 (9) :  (14 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/d2cp06068j (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000937760000001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Simanenko, A; Kastenmeier, M; Piliai, L; Kosto, Y; Skála, T; Tsud, N; Mehl, S; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Lykhach, Y; Libuda, J
    Probing the redox capacity of Pt–CeO<sub>2</sub> model catalyst for low-temperature CO oxidation
    J. Mater. Chem. A 11 (31) :  (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/d3ta02507a (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001025117500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Xie, X; Mohandas Sandhya, AL; Piliai, L; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Khalakhan, I
    Surface compositional dynamics in a PtNi bimetallic alloy under simulated operational conditions: Electrochemical and NAP-XPS Study
    Appl. Catal. B-Environmental 325 : Art. No. 122328 (8 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2022.122328 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001027057300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Mohandas Sandhya, AL; Pleskunov, P; Bogar, M; Xie, X; Wieser, PA; Orság, M; Dinhová, TN; Dopita, M; Taccani, R; Amenitsch, H; Choukourov, A; Matolínová, I; Khalakhan, I
    Tuning the morphology of sputter-deposited platinum catalyst: From compact layers to dispersed nanoparticles
    Surfaces and Interfaces 40 : Art. No. 103079 (7 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.surfin.2023.103079 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001058542500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  5. Hrbek, T; Kúš, P; Kosto, Y; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Matolínová, I
    Magnetron-sputtered thin-film catalyst with low-Ir-Ru content for water electrolysis: Long-term stability and degradation analysis
    J. Power Sources 556 : Art. No. 232375 (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2022.232375 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000892216800001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  6. Xie, X; Briega-Martos, V; Farris, R; Dopita, M; Vorokhta, M; Skála, T; Matolínová, I; Neyman, KM; Cherevko, S; Khalakhan, I
    Optimal Pt–Au Alloying for Efficient and Stable Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 15 (1) :  (9 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1021/acsami.2c18655 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000916627300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  7. Piliai, L; Dinhová, TN; Janata, M; Balakin, D; Vallejos, S; Otta, J; Štefková, J; Fišer, L; Fitl, P; Novotný, M; Hubálek, J; Vorochta, M; Matolinová, I; Vrňata, M
    NAP-XPS study of surface chemistry of CO and ethanol sensing with WO3 nanowires-based gas sensor
    Sens. Actuators B Chem. 397 : Art. No. 134682 (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.snb.2023.134682 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001097595200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  8. Bahrami, H; Kosto, Y; Ignazio Santo, C; Yakovlev, Y; Khalakhan, I; Mousavi, M; Matolin, V; Matolinová, I; Paolucci, F; Valenti, G; Tsud, N; Zanut, A
    Evaluation of polycrystalline cerium oxide electrodes for electrochemiluminescent detection of sarcosine
    Microchemical Journal 187 : Art. No. 108362 (6 pages), 2023.
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  9. Dupkalová, D; Kosto, Y; Kalinovych, V; Deineko, A; Franchi, S; Nováková, J; Matolínová, I; Skála, T; Prince, KC; Fučíková, A; Shcherbakov, AB; Zholobak, NM; Tsud, N
    Histidine- and glycine-functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles: Physicochemical properties and antiviral activity
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 636 : Art. No. 157793 (16 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2023.157793 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001032909900001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  10. Timoshenko, AD; Matvienko, OO; Doroshenko, AG; Parkhomenko, SV; Vorona, IO; Kryzhanovska, OS; Safronova, NA; Vovk, OO; Tolmachev, А.V; Baumer, VN; Matolínová, I; Hau, S; Gheorghe, C; Yavetskiy, RP
    Highly-doped YAG:Sm3+ transparent ceramics: Effect of Sm3+ ions concentration
    Ceram. Int. 49 (5) :  (10 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.ceramint.2022.10.257 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000932782600001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  11. Yanchevskii, OZ; V'yunov, OI; Plutenko, TO; Belous, AG; Trachevskii, VV; Matolínová, I; Veltruská, K; Kalinovych, V; Lobko, Y
    Microstructure, chemical composition, and dielectric response of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics doped with F, Al, and Mg ions
    Heliyon 9 (8) : Art. No. e18523 (14 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e18523 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001056339100001 BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2022

  1. Yakovlev, YV; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Lobko, YV; Vorokhta, M; Kúš, P; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Characterization of gas diffusion layer transport properties by limiting current approach
    Electrochim. Acta 404 : Art. No. 139755 (8 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2021.139755 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000779964400011 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Darabut, AM; Lobko, Y; Yakovlev, Y; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Veltruská, K; Šmíd, B; Kúš, P; Nováková, J; Dopita, M; Vorokhta, M; Kopecký, V; Procházka, M; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Influence of thermal treatment on the structure and electrical conductivity of thermally expanded graphite
    Advanced Powder Technology 33 (12) : Art. No. 103884 (9 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.apt.2022.103884 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000892295100003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Piliai, L; Matvija, P; Dinhová, TN; Khalakhan, I; Skála, T; Doležal, Z; Bezkrovnyi, O; Kepinski, L; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I
    In Situ Spectroscopy and Microscopy Insights into the CO Oxidation Mechanism on Au/CeO<sub>2</sub>(111)
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (50) :  (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acsami.2c15792 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000895462200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Bezkrovnyi, O; Bruix, A; Blaumeiser, D; Piliai, L; Schötz, S; Bauer, T; Khalakhan, I; Skála, T; Matvija, P; Kraszkiewicz, P; Pawlyta, M; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Libuda, J; Neyman, KM; Kȩpiński, L
    Metal–Support Interaction and Charge Distribution in Ceria-Supported Au Particles Exposed to CO
    Chem. Mater. 34 (17) :  (21 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c01659 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000849738400001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  5. Hrbek, T; Kúš, P; Košutová, T; Veltruská, K; Dinhová, TN; Dopita, M; Matolín, V; Matolínová, I
    Sputtered Ir–Ru based catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction: Study of iridium effect on stability
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy 47 (49) :  (11 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2022.04.224 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000812279700001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  6. Camellone, MF; Dvořák, F; Vorokhta, M; Tovt, A; Khalakhan, I; Johánek, V; Skála, T; Matolínová, I; Fabris, S; Mysliveček, J
    Adatom and Nanoparticle Dynamics on Single-Atom Catalyst Substrates
    ACS Catal. 12 (9) :  (13 pages), 2022.
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  7. Kalinovych, V; Saeedur Rahman, M; Piliai, L; Kosto, Y; Mehl, SL; Skála, T; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V; Prince, KC; Xu, Y; Tsud, N
    Thermal stability and protective properties of phenylphosphonic acid on Cu(111)
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 600 : Art. No. 154036 (12 pages), 2022.
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    Effect of the sintering temperature on microstructure and optical properties of reactive sintered YAG:Sm3+ ceramics
    Optical Materials: X 13 : Art. No. 100131 (7 pages), 2022.
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  9. Bezkrovnyi, O; Vorokhta, M; Pawlyta, M; Ptak, M; Piliai, L; Xie, X; Dinhová, TN; Khalakhan, I; Matolínová, I; Kepinski, L
    <i>In situ</i> observation of highly oxidized Ru species in Ru/CeO<sub>2</sub> catalyst under propane oxidation
    J. Mater. Chem. A 10 (31) :  (10 pages), 2022.
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Year 2021

  1. Ju, X; Šmíd, B; Johánek, V; Khalakhan, I; Yakovlev, Y; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Investigation of dextran adsorption on polycrystalline cerium oxide surfaces
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 544 : Art. No. 148890 (11 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2020.148890 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000618292900006 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Tomeček, D; Piliai, L; Hruška, M; Fitl, P; Gadenne, V; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Vrňata, M
    Study of Photoregeneration of Zinc Phthalocyanine Chemiresistor after Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide
    Chemosensors 9 (9) : Art. No. 237 (19 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.3390/chemosensors9090237 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000699244700001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Safronova, NA; Yavetskiy, RP; Kryzhanovska, OS; Dobrotvorska, MV; Balabanov, AE; Vorona, IO; Tolmachev, А.V; Baumer, VN; Matolínová, I; Kosyanov, DY; Shichalin, OO; Papynov, EK; Hau, S; Gheorghe, C
    A novel IR-transparent Ho3+:Y2O3–MgO nanocomposite ceramics for potential laser applications
    Ceram. Int. 47 (1) :  (8 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1016/j.ceramint.2020.08.263 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000589646700005 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Xie, X; Khalakhan, I; Vorokhta, M; Yakovlev, Y; Dinhová, TN; Nováková, J; Kúš, P; Dopita, M; Veltruská, K; Matolínová, I
    A Facile Way for Acquisition of a Nanoporous Pt–C Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
    Adv. Mater. Interfaces 8 (12) : Art. No. 2100122 (10 pages), 2021.
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  5. Rutherford, D; Jíra, J; Kolářová, K; Matolínová, I; Mičová, J; Remeš, Z; Rezek, B
    Growth Inhibition of Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria by Zinc Oxide Hedgehog Particles
    Int. J. Nanomed. 16 :  (14 pages), 2021.
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  6. Bogar, M; Yakovlev, Y; Sandbeck, DJS; Cherevko, S; Matolínová, I; Amenitsch, H; Khalakhan, I
    Interplay Among Dealloying, Ostwald Ripening, and Coalescence in PtXNi100–X Bimetallic Alloys under Fuel-Cell-Related Conditions
    ACS Catal. 11 :  (11 pages), 2021.
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  7. Kędziora, A; Wieczorek, R; Speruda, M; Matolínová, I; Goszczyński, TM; Litwin, I; Matolín, V; Bugla-Płoskońska, G
    Comparison of Antibacterial Mode of Action of Silver Ions and Silver Nanoformulations With Different Physico-Chemical Properties: Experimental and Computational Studies
    Front. Microbiol. 12 : Art. No. 659614 (12 pages), 2021.
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  8. Khalakhan, I; Vorokhta, M; Xie, X; Piliai, L; Matolínová, I
    On the interpretation of X-ray photoelectron spectra of Pt-Cu bimetallic alloys
    J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 246 : Art. No. 147027 (5 pages), 2021.
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  9. Yakovlev, YV; Lobko, YV; Vorokhta, M; Nováková, J; Mazur, M; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Ionomer content effect on charge and gas transport in the cathode catalyst layer of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
    J. Power Sources 490 (1) : Art. No. 229531 (9 pages), 2021.
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Year 2020

  1. Brown, R; Vorokhta, M; Skála, T; Khalakhan, I; Lindahl, N; Eriksson, B; Lagergren, C; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V; Wickman, B
    Surface Composition of a Highly Active Pt3Y Alloy Catalyst for Application in Low Temperature Fuel Cells
    Fuel Cells 20 (4) :  (7 pages), 2020.
    doi:10.1002/fuce.201900186 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000557553900001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Kot, M; Kegelmann, L; Köbler, H; Vorokhta, M; Escudero, C; Kúš, P; Šmíd, B; Tallarida, M; Albrecht, S; Abate, A; Matolínová, I; Schmeißer, D; Flege, JI
    In situ Near‐Ambient Pressure X‐ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Reveals the Influence of Photon Flux and Water on the Stability of Halide Perovskite
    ChemSusChem 13 (21) :  (9 pages), 2020.
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  3. Khalakhan, I; Bogar, M; Vorokhta, M; Kúš, P; Yakovlev, Y; Dopita, M; Sandbeck, DJS; Cherevko, S; Matolínová, I; Amenitsch, H
    Evolution of the PtNi Bimetallic Alloy Fuel Cell Catalyst under Simulated Operational Conditions
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12 (15) :  (9 pages), 2020.
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    Effect of MgO doping on the structure and optical properties of YAG transparent ceramics
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  5. Piliai, L; Tomeček, D; Hruška, M; Khalakhan, I; Nováková, J; Fitl, P; Yatskiv, R; Grym, J; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Vrňata, M
    New Insights towards High-Temperature Ethanol-Sensing Mechanism of ZnO-Based Chemiresistors
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    Colloidal stability and catalytic activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles in cell culture media
    RSC Adv. 10 (65) :  (12 pages), 2020.
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  7. Khalakhan, I; Vega, L; Vorokhta, M; Skála, T; Viñes, F; Yakovlev, YV; Neyman, KM; Matolínová, I
    Irreversible structural dynamics on the surface of bimetallic PtNi alloy catalyst under alternating oxidizing and reducing environments
    Appl. Catal. B-Environmental 264 : Art. No. 118476 (9 pages), 2020.
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    Unraveling the Surface Chemistry and Structure in Highly Active Sputtered Pt3Y Catalyst Films for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12 (4) :  (9 pages), 2020.
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  9. Hrbek, T; Kúš, P; Yakovlev, Y; Nováková, J; Lobko, Y; Khalakhan, I; Matolín, V; Matolínová, I
    Sputter-etching treatment of proton-exchange membranes: Completely dry thin-film approach to low-loading catalyst-coated membranes for water electrolysis
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy 45 (41) :  (11 pages), 2020.
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  10. Nováková, J; Dubau, M; Fuka, Š; Duchoň, T; Johánek, V; Fiala, R; Veltruská, K; Potin, V; Matolín, V; Matolínová, I
    Role of nitrogenated carbon in tuning Pt-CeOx based anode catalysts for higher performance of hydrogen-powered fuel cells
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 515 : Art. No. 146054 (10 pages), 2020.
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Year 2019

  1. Kot, M; Henkel, K; Müller, K; Kegelmann, L; Albrecht, S; Tsud, N; Kúš, P; Matolínová, I; Schmeißer, D
    Al2O3‐Atomic Layer Deposited Films on CH3NH3PbI3: Intrinsic Defects and Passivation Mechanisms
    Energy Technol. 7 (11) : Art. No. 1900975 (10 pages), 2019.
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    Ultimate dispersion of metallic and ionic platinum on ceria
    J. Mater. Chem. A 7 (21) :  (10 pages), 2019.
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    Properties of Nitrogen/Silicon Doped Vertically Oriented Graphene Produced by ICP CVD Roll-to-Roll Technology
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    Effect of Acid–Base Characteristics of In2O3-Al2O3 (ZrO2) Compositions on Their Catalytic Properties in the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane to Propylene with CO2
    Theor Exp Chem 55 (3) :  (8 pages), 2019.
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    Magnetron sputtered thin-film vertically segmented Pt-Ir catalyst supported on TiC for anode side of proton exchange membrane unitized regenerative fuel cells
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy 44 (31) :  (12 pages), 2019.
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  6. Yakovlev, YV; Nováková, J; Kúš, P; Dinhová, TN; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Highly developed nanostructuring of polymer-electrolyte membrane supported catalysts for hydrogen fuel cell application
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    New Insight into the Gas-Sensing Properties of CuOx Nanowires by Near-Ambient Pressure XPS
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Year 2018

  1. Jira, J; Rezek, B; Kriha, V; Artemenko, A; Matolínová, I; Skakalova, V; Stenclova, P; Kromka, A
    Inhibition of E. coli Growth by Nanodiamond and Graphene Oxide Enhanced by Luria-Bertani Medium
    Nanomaterials 8 (3) : Art. No. 140 (13 pages), 2018.
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  2. Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Thin Film Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
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Scientific activities

Carries out own research as well as research in collaboration with visiting scientists, and does the day-to-day management and running of the FE-SEM laboratory that is part of the Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CERIC-ERIC). Own research in surface and interface physics is mainly focused on heterogeneous catalysis, on the reactivity of model as well as real nanostructured systems (especially oxide-supported nanoparticles), and on the influence of structure, morphology, size, metal-substrate interactions, and formation of bimetallic bonds on the mechanism of adsorption of small molecules. Current research is focused on nanostructured materials for fuel cell and gas sensor applications.


Scientific expertise

Experimental methods of surface physics, thin film growth, ultrahigh vacuum techniques, electron microscopy and affiliated methods.