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List of 344 publications of SPL-HTC 2016 – 2023

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Year 2023

  1. Hrbek, T; Kúš, P; Kosto, Y; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Matolínová, I
    Magnetron-sputtered thin-film catalyst with low-Ir-Ru content for water electrolysis: Long-term stability and degradation analysis
    J. Power Sources556: Art. No. 232375 (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2022.232375 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000892216800001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Bahrami, H; Kosto, Y; Ignazio Santo, C; Yakovlev, Y; Khalakhan, I; Mousavi, M; Matolin, V; Matolinová, I; Paolucci, F; Valenti, G; Tsud, N; Zanut, A
    Evaluation of polycrystalline cerium oxide electrodes for electrochemiluminescent detection of sarcosine
    Microchemical Journal187: Art. No. 108362 (6 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.microc.2022.108362 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000961166200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Xie, X; Mohandas Sandhya, AL; Piliai, L; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Khalakhan, I
    Surface compositional dynamics in a PtNi bimetallic alloy under simulated operational conditions: Electrochemical and NAP-XPS Study
    Appl. Catal. B-Environmental325: Art. No. 122328 (8 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2022.122328 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001027057300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Kosto, Y; Barcaro, G; Kalinovych, V; Franchi, S; Matvija, P; Matolínová, I; Prince, KC; Matolín, V; Skála, T; Tsud, N; Carravetta, V
    Role of the redox state of cerium oxide on glycine adsorption: an experimental and theoretical study
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.25(9):  (14 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/d2cp06068j (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000937760000001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  5. Moss, AB; Hätinen, J; Kúš, P; Garg, S; Mirolo, M; Chorkendorff, I; Seger, B; Drnec, J
    Versatile high energy X-ray transparent electrolysis cell for operando measurements
    J. Power Sources562: Art. No. 232754 (8 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2023.232754 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000931996700001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  6. Zhang, X; Lyu, Y; Zhou, H; Zheng, J; Huang, A; Ding, J; Xie, C; De Marco, R; Tsud, N; Kalinovych, V; Jiang, SP; Dai, L; Wang, S
    Photoelectrochemical N2‐to‐NH3 Fixation with High Efficiency and Rates via Optimized Si‐Based System at Positive Potential versus Li0/+
    Adv. Mater.35(21): Art. No. 2211894 (9 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1002/adma.202211894 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000961615300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  7. Amatori, S; Lopez, A; Meneghini, C; Calcabrini, A; Colone, M; Stringaro, A; Migani, S; Khalakhan, I; Iucci, G; Venditti, I; Battocchio, C
    Gold nanorods derivatized with CTAB and hydroquinone or ascorbic acid: spectroscopic investigation of anisotropic nanoparticles of different shapes and sizes
    Nanoscale Adv.5(15):  (10 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/D3NA00356F (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001024078700001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  8. D'Olimpio, G; Galstyan, V; Ghica, C; Vorokhta, M; Istrate, MC; Kuo, C-N; Lue, CS; Boukhvalov, DW; Comini, E; Politano, A
    Solution-processed In2Se3 nanosheets for ultrasensitive and highly selective NO2 gas sensors
    J. Mater. Chem. A11(23):  (13 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/d3ta01390a (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000998965500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  9. Simanenko, A; Kastenmeier, M; Piliai, L; Kosto, Y; Skála, T; Tsud, N; Mehl, S; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Lykhach, Y; Libuda, J
    Probing the redox capacity of Pt–CeO2 model catalyst for low-temperature CO oxidation
    J. Mater. Chem. A11(31):  (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1039/d3ta02507a (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001025117500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  10. Yanchevskii, OZ; V'yunov, OI; Plutenko, TO; Belous, AG; Trachevskii, VV; Matolínová, I; Veltruská, K; Kalinovych, V; Lobko, Y
    Microstructure, chemical composition, and dielectric response of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics doped with F, Al, and Mg ions
    Heliyon9(8): Art. No. e18523 (14 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e18523 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001056339100001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  11. Piliai, L; Dinhová, TN; Janata, M; Balakin, D; Vallejos, S; Otta, J; Štefková, J; Fišer, L; Fitl, P; Novotný, M; Hubálek, J; Vorochta, M; Matolinová, I; Vrňata, M
    NAP-XPS study of surface chemistry of CO and ethanol sensing with WO3 nanowires-based gas sensor
    Sens. Actuators B Chem.397: Art. No. 134682 (12 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1016/j.snb.2023.134682 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001097595200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  12. Mastrippolito, D; Camerano, L; Świątek, H; Šmíd, B; Klimczuk, T; Ottaviano, L; Profeta, G
    Polaronic and Mott insulating phase of layered magnetic vanadium trihalide VCl3
    Phys. Rev. B108(4): Art. No. 045126 (7 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.108.045126 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001062699100003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  13. Shlapa, Y; Siposova, K; Veltruska, K; Maraloiu, V-A; Garcarova, I; Rajnak, M; Musatov, A; Belous, A
    Design of Magnetic Fe3O4/CeO2 “Core/Shell”-Like Nanocomposites with Pronounced Antiamyloidogenic and Antioxidant Bioactivity
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces15(42):  (16 pages), 2023.
    doi:10.1021/acsami.3c10845 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001092776900001 BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2022

  1. Timoshenko, AD; Doroshenko, AG; Parkhomenko, SV; Vorona, IO; Kryzhanovska, OS; Safronova, NA; Vovk, OO; Tolmachev, А.V; Baumer, VN; Matolínová, I; Yavetskiy, RP
    Effect of the sintering temperature on microstructure and optical properties of reactive sintered YAG:Sm3+ ceramics
    Optical Materials: X13: Art. No. 100131 (7 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.omx.2021.100131 (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Lykhach, Y; Johánek, V; Neitzel, A; Skála, T; Tsud, N; Beranová, K; Mysliveček, J; Brummel, O; Libuda, J
    Redox-mediated C–C bond scission in alcohols adsorbed on CeO2− x thin films
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter34(19): Art. No. 194002 (13 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1088/1361-648X/ac5138 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000765967100001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Ali, M; Tsud, N; Meena, SS; Murugavel, S
    Size dependent electronic structure of LiFePO4 probed using X-ray absorption and Mössbauer spectroscopy
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.24(16):  (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1039/d2cp00411a (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000781498400001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Bjelajac, A; Petrović, R; Stan, GE; Socol, G; Mihailescu, A; Mihailescu, IN; Veltruska, K; Matolin, V; Siketić, Z; Provatas, G; Jakšić, M; Janaćković, D
    C-doped TiO2 nanotubes with pulsed laser deposited Bi2O3 films for photovoltaic application
    Ceram. Int.48(4):  (9 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.ceramint.2021.10.251 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000743462400003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  5. Camellone, MF; Dvořák, F; Vorokhta, M; Tovt, A; Khalakhan, I; Johánek, V; Skála, T; Matolínová, I; Fabris, S; Mysliveček, J
    Adatom and Nanoparticle Dynamics on Single-Atom Catalyst Substrates
    ACS Catal.12(9):  (13 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acscatal.2c00291 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000813203800001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  6. Pollastri, S; Bogar, M; Fiala, R; Amenitsch, H; Yakovlev, Y; Lavacchi, A; Aquilanti, G; Matolin, V
    Characterization of innovative Pt-ceria catalysts for PEMFC by means of ex-situ and operando X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy47(14):  (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2021.12.241 (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  7. Kataev, EY; Fromm, L; Tariq, Q; Wechsler, D; Williams, FJ; Tsud, N; Franchi, S; Steinrück, H-P; Görling, A; Lytken, O
    Anchoring of phthalic acid on MgO(100)
    Surf. Sci.720: Art. No. 122007 (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.susc.2021.122007 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000790952400002 BibTeX & \bibitem
  8. Köbl, J; Fernández, CC; Augustin, L-M; Kataev, EY; Franchi, S; Tsud, N; Pistonesi, C; Pronsato, ME; Jux, N; Lytken, O; Williams, FJ; Steinrück, H-P
    Benzohydroxamic acid on rutile TiO2(110)-(1×1)– a comparison of ultrahigh-vacuum evaporation with deposition from solution
    Surf. Sci.716: Art. No. 121955 (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.susc.2021.121955 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000744257500002 BibTeX & \bibitem
  9. Kyriienko, PI; Larina, OV; Balakin, DY; Vorokhta, M; Khalakhan, I; Sergiienko, SA; Soloviev, SO; Orlyk, SM
    The effect of lanthanum in Cu/La(-Zr)-Si oxide catalysts for aqueous ethanol conversion into 1,3-butadiene
    Mol. Catal.518: Art. No. 112096 (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.mcat.2021.112096 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000778653000002 BibTeX & \bibitem
  10. Shkvarina, EG; Merentsov, AI; Shkvarin, AS; Postnikov, MS; Titov, AA; Tsud, N; Yarmoshenko, YM; Patrakov, EI; Titov, AN
    Synthesis, crystal structure and electronic structure of AgxZrTe2
    J. Alloy. Compd.906: Art. No. 164269 (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2022.164269 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000783636500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  11. Kalinovych, V; Saeedur Rahman, M; Piliai, L; Kosto, Y; Mehl, SL; Skála, T; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V; Prince, KC; Xu, Y; Tsud, N
    Thermal stability and protective properties of phenylphosphonic acid on Cu(111)
    Appl. Surf. Sci.600: Art. No. 154036 (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2022.154036 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000877145700001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  12. Tsikritzis, D; Tsud, N; Skála, T; Sygellou, L
    Unravelling the phase transition of 2H-MoS2 to 1T-MoS2 induced by the chemical interaction of Pd with molybdenum disulfide–graphene hybrids
    Appl. Surf. Sci.599: Art. No. 153896 (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2022.153896 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000817886500001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  13. Köbl, J; Wechsler, D; Kataev, EY; Williams, FJ; Tsud, N; Franchi, S; Steinrück, H-P; Lytken, O
    CORRIGENDUM: Adsorption of phenylphosphonic acid on rutile TiO2(110)
    Surf. Sci.717: Art. No. 122004 (2 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.susc.2021.122004 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000791265600006 BibTeX & \bibitem
  14. Bezkrovnyi, O; Bruix, A; Blaumeiser, D; Piliai, L; Schötz, S; Bauer, T; Khalakhan, I; Skála, T; Matvija, P; Kraszkiewicz, P; Pawlyta, M; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I; Libuda, J; Neyman, KM; Kȩpiński, L
    Metal–Support Interaction and Charge Distribution in Ceria-Supported Au Particles Exposed to CO
    Chem. Mater.34(17):  (21 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c01659 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000849738400001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  15. Kastenmeier, M; Fusek, L; Deng, X; Skála, T; Mehl, S; Tsud, N; Grau, S; Stumm, C; Uvarov, V; Johánek, V; Libuda, J; Lykhach, Y; Mysliveček, J; Brummel, O
    Particle Size and Shape Effects in Electrochemical Environments: Pd Particles Supported on Ordered Co3O4(111) and Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
    J. Phys. Chem. C126(30):  (12 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c03109 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:00088673370 BibTeX & \bibitem
  16. Makoveev, AO; Procházka, P; Blatnik, M; Kormoš, L; Skála, T; Čechal, J
    Role of Phase Stabilization and Surface Orientation in 4,4′-Biphenyl-Dicarboxylic Acid Self-Assembly and Transformation on Silver Substrates
    J. Phys. Chem. C126(23):  (9 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c02538 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000813485300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  17. Shkvarin, AS; Merentsov, AI; Titov, AA; Tsud, N; Shkvarina, EG; Agzamova, PA; Postnikov, MS; Titov, AN
    An unusual Cu/Te hybridization in the Cu0.3ZrTe2 intercalation compound
    J. Alloy. Compd.924: Art. No. 166580 (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2022.166580 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000969806400002 BibTeX & \bibitem
  18. Purikova, O; Tkachenko, I; Šmíd, B; Veltruská, K; Dinhová, TN; Vorokhta, M; Kopecký, V; Hanyková, L; Ju, X
    Free‐Blockage Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Loaded with Cerium Oxide as ROS‐Responsive and ROS‐Scavenging Nanomedicine
    Adv. Funct. Mater.32(46): Art. No. 2208316 (21 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1002/adfm.202208316 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000860643300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  19. Shlapa, Y; Solopan, S; Sarnatskaya, V; Siposova, K; Garcarova, I; Veltruska, K; Timashkov, I; Lykhova, O; Kolesnik, D; Musatov, A; Nikolaev, V; Belous, A
    Cerium dioxide nanoparticles synthesized via precipitation at constant pH: Synthesis, physical-chemical and antioxidant properties
    Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces220: Art. No. 112960 (13 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.colsurfb.2022.112960 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001067432600001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  20. Darabut, AM; Lobko, Y; Yakovlev, Y; Gamón Rodríguez, M; Veltruská, K; Šmíd, B; Kúš, P; Nováková, J; Dopita, M; Vorokhta, M; Kopecký, V; Procházka, M; Matolínová, I; Matolín, V
    Influence of thermal treatment on the structure and electrical conductivity of thermally expanded graphite
    Advanced Powder Technology33(12): Art. No. 103884 (9 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1016/j.apt.2022.103884 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000892295100003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  21. Stará, V; Procházka, P; Planer, J; Shahsavar, A; Makoveev, AO; Skála, T; Blatnik, M; Čechal, J
    Tunable Energy-Level Alignment in Multilayers of Carboxylic Acids on Silver
    Phys. Rev. Applied18(4):  (13 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1103/PhysRevApplied.18.044048 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000938833100003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  22. Vujancevic, J; Bjelajac, A; Veltruska, K; Matolin, V; Siketic, Z; Provatas, G; Jaksic, M; Stan, G; Socol, G; Mihailescu, I; Pavlovic, V; Janackovic, D
    TiO2 nanotubes film/FTO glass interface: Thermal treatment effects
    Sci Sinter54(2):  (14 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.2298/SOS2202235V (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:001009921700009 BibTeX & \bibitem
  23. Piliai, L; Matvija, P; Dinhová, TN; Khalakhan, I; Skála, T; Doležal, Z; Bezkrovnyi, O; Kepinski, L; Vorokhta, M; Matolínová, I
    In Situ Spectroscopy and Microscopy Insights into the CO Oxidation Mechanism on Au/CeO2(111)
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces14(50):  (10 pages), 2022.
    doi:10.1021/acsami.2c15792 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000895462200001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  24. S. Rashid, G.M. Vita, L. Persichetti, G. Iucci, C. Battocchio, R. Daniel, D. Visaggio, M. Marsotto, P. Visca, E. Bemporad, P. Ascenzi, G. Capellini, M. Sebastiani, A. di Masi
    Biocompatibility and antibacterial properties of TiCu(Ag) thin films produced by physical vapor deposition magnetron sputtering
    Applied Surface Science573: Art. No. 151604 (12 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  25. E. Pellizzoni, M. Şologan, M. Daka, P. Pengo, D. Marson, Z. Posel, S. Franchi, L. Bignardi, P. Franchi, M. Lucarini, P. Posocco, L. Pasquato
    Thiolate end-group regulates ligand arrangement, hydration and affinity for small compounds in monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science607:  (8 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  26. T. Zhang, P.H.W. Svensson, I.E. Brumboiu, V. Lanzilotto, C. Grazioli, A. Guarnaccio, F.O.L. Johansson, K. Beranová, M. Coreno, M. de Simone, L. Floreano, A. Cossaro, B. Brena, C. Puglia
    Clarifying the adsorption of triphenylamine on Au(111): Filling the HOMO–LUMO gap
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C126:  (8 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  27. T. Zhang, C. Grazioli, A. Guarnaccio, I.E. Brumboiu, V. Lanzilotto, F.O.L. Johansson, K. Beranová, M. Coreno, M. de Simone, B. Brena, C. Puglia
    m-MTDATA on Au(111): Spectroscopic evidence of molecule–substrate interactions
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C126:  (8 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  28. T. Zhang, T. Wang, C. Grazioli, A. Guarnaccio, I.E. Brumboiu, F.O.L. Johansson, K. Beranová, M. Coreno, M. de Simone, B. Brena, L. Wang, Y. Wang, C. Puglia
    Evidence of hybridization states at the donor/acceptor interface: case of m-MTDATA/PPT
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter34: Art. No. 214008 (7 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  29. F. Del Bello, M. Pellei, L. Bagnarelli, C. Santini, G. Giorgioni, A. Piergentili, W. Quaglia, C. Battocchio, G. Iucci, I. Schiesaro, C. Meneghini, I. Venditti, N. Ramanan, M. De Franco, P. Sgarbossa, C. Marzano, V. Gandin
    Cu(I) and Cu(II) complexes based on lonidamine-conjugated ligands designed to promote synergistic antitumor effects
    Inorganic Chemistry61:  (18 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  30. A.J. Martínez-Galera, H. Guo, M.D. Jiménez-Sánchez, S. Franchi, K.C. Prince, J.M. Gómez-Rodríguez
    There is life after coking for Ir nanocatalyst superlattices
    Nano Research15:  (7 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  31. M. Pellei, C. Santini, L. Bagnarelli, C. Battocchio, G. Iucci, I. Venditti, C. Meneghini, S. Amatori, P. Sgarbossa, C. Marzano, M. De Franco, V. Gandin
    Exploring the antitumor potential of copper complexes based on ester derivatives of bis(pyrazol-1-yl)acetate ligands
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences23:  (26 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem
  32. E. Gul, G. Rahman, Y. Wu, T.H. Bokhari, A. ur Rahman, A. Zafar, Z. Rana, A. Shah, S. Hussain, K. Maaz, S. Karim, S. Javaid, H. Sun, M. Ahmad, G. Xiang, A. Nisar
    An amphiphilic polyoxometalate–CNT nanohybrid as a highly efficient enzyme-free electrocatalyst for H2O2 sensing
    New Journal of Chemistry46:  (8 pages), 2022.
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    Spotting local environments in self-assembled monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles
    ACS Nano16:  (12 pages), 2022.
    doi: (abstract link)  PDF BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2021

  1. Tanasa, E; Maxim, F; Erniyazov, T; Iacob, M-T; Skála, T; Tanase, L; Ianăși, C; Moisescu, C; Miron, C; Ardelean, I; Antohe, V-A; Fagadar-Cosma, E; Stamatin, S
    Beyond Nitrogen in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Nitrogen-Doped Carbons: A NEXAFS Investigation
    Nanomaterials11(5): Art. No. 1198 (11 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.3390/nano11051198 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000657002100001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  2. Boukhvalov, DW; Nappini, S; Vorokhta, M; Menteş, TO; Piliai, L; Panahi, M; Genuzio, F; De Santis, J; Kuo, C‐N; Lue, CS; Paolucci, V; Locatelli, A; Bondino, F; Politano, A
    Revisiting the Chemical Stability of Germanium Selenide (GeSe) and the Origin of its Photocatalytic Efficiency
    Adv. Funct. Mater.31(50): Art. No. 2106228 (13 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1002/adfm.202106228 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000696479300001 BibTeX & \bibitem
  3. Bogar, M; Yakovlev, Y; Sandbeck, DJS; Cherevko, S; Matolínová, I; Amenitsch, H; Khalakhan, I
    Interplay Among Dealloying, Ostwald Ripening, and Coalescence in PtXNi100–X Bimetallic Alloys under Fuel-Cell-Related Conditions
    ACS Catal.11:  (11 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1021/acscatal.1c01111 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000697346200004 BibTeX & \bibitem
  4. Eriksson, B; Montserrat-Sisó, G; Brown, R; Skála, T; Wreland Lindström, R; Lindbergh, G; Wickman, B; Lagergren, C
    Enhanced oxygen reduction activity with rare earth metal alloy catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
    Electrochim. Acta387: Art. No. 138454 (10 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2021.138454 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000691562600008 BibTeX & \bibitem
  5. Fellenberg, AK; Addad, A; Hong, J; Simon, P; Kosto, Y; Šmíd, B; Ji, G; Khodakov, AY
    Iron and copper nanoparticles inside and outside carbon nanotubes: Nanoconfinement, migration, interaction and catalytic performance in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
    J. Catal.404:  (18 pages), 2021.
    doi:10.1016/j.jcat.2021.09.034 (abstract link)  PDF ISI ID:000720356400003 BibTeX & \bibitem
  6. Gu, B; Peron, DV; Barrios, AJ; Virginie, M; La Fontaine, C; Briois, V; Vorokhta, M; Šmíd, B; Moldovan, S; Koneti, S; Gambu, TG; Saeys, M; Ordomsky, VV; Khodakov, AY
    Bismuth mobile promoter and cobalt-bismuth nanoparticles in carbon nanotube supported Fischer-Tropsch catalysts with enhanced stability
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