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Master's Theses

Adsorption of nitroxyl organic radicals on ordered cerium oxide films

In this diploma work we propose to study the bonding of nitroxyl organic radicals with ordered surfaces of cerium dioxide, a material with very promising properties for bioapplications and organic electronics. The model system will be prepared in vacuum by deposition of nitroxyl molecules from a Knudsen cell on the surface of epitaxial layers of cerium oxide. Stoichiometric CeO2 and substoichiometric CeO2-x prepared by deposition of cerium in an oxygen atmosphere on the surface of a Cu (111) substrate will be analyzed by diffraction technique (LEED) and photoemission spectroscopy (XPS). The interaction of molecules with the surface of oxides will be studied using photoelectron spectroscopies XPS, SRPES, RPES and NEXAFS on the Czech Materials Science Beamline (MSB) in Trieste, Italy.

The aim of the work will be to study the way of interaction of nitroxyl organic radicals with ordered surfaces of cerium dioxide with different stoichiometry.


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Dr. Nataliya Tsud

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Prof. Iva Matolínová

Professor, Group leader
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