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Fuel Cells with Low Platinum Content

The goal of the PaC-NG project is basic development of advanced thin-film nanocatalysts with low precious metal content and of their corrosion-resistant supports for stacks of hydrogen fuel cells with polymer membranes. At the same time, research on the specifics of application to large electrodes will be carried out as a preparation for future up-scaling of the technologies for stacks with active surfaces larger than 200 cm2 and powers of up to 5 kW, applicable in small and medium-sized stationary and mobile power sources.



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Acronym PaC-NG
Grant provider MŠMT/EU
Programme OP VVV
Call 02_16_025 Pre-Application Research in Priority Axis 1
Project ID CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_025/0007414
Duration Apr 2018 – Dec 2022
Budget for Charles Univ. CZK 48,698,002
Principal investigator Prof. Vladimír Matolín
Project manager (Charles Univ.) Dr. Zdeňka Bubeníková
Partner organization University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague


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