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Preparation and Characterization of Porous Cerium Oxide/Carbon Bilayers on Silion Substrates

Mobile electronic devices require rapid development in energy storage despite efforts of reduction of consumption power. The development of power sources with high energy density and lower cost will be necessary for wider range of usage and functionality. One possible higher energy density source is the fuel cell (FC). For this reason the direct conversion of chemical into electrical energy via fuel cells is actually at the centre of attention of electrochemical research and technology development. The possibility of co-fabricating a power source on the same substrate as the electric circuit offers many advantages, including a reduction in size and weight, improved signal integrity because of fewer interconnects, increased processing efficiency and lower cost. The configuration concept of the planar -PEMFC is based on a planar micro-FC already successfully tested, with the anodic and cathodic micro-channels arranged in a plane and electroplating deposition of the electrocatalysts. The objective of our development will be further miniaturization of the device and verification of the feasibility of this structure by using advanced techniques of the Focus Ion Beam 3D lithography, Electron Beam Lithography and magnetron sputtering deposition of the catalyst electrodes. We will develop a single cell with sputtered Pt based catalysts deposited on channels coated with conductive metallic material, e.g. gold, fed by H2 and air. The catalyst deposition will be done by using magnetron sputtering.

1. Design and scaling of the essential parts of micro device using planar technology on silicon wafer.
2. Development of new thin film catalysts with large active surface.
3. Fabrication and testing of reference single cell devices.


Prof. Iva Matolínová

Professor, Group leader
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Prof. Vladimír Matolín

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