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First EnviroESCA installation in Czech Republic

First EnviroESCA installation in Czech Republic

We recently installed the state-of-the-art, high-throughput NAP-XPS system, which allows for XPS characterization of surfaces under pressures of up to tens of millibars.

The key benefits of the EnviroESCA come from the unique combination of near-ambient pressure capabilities, high throughput, and high degree of automation. It’s also well-suited as a “user instrument”, which means scientists with limited UHV experience can perform experiments with minimal training and supervision; this advantage appeals to a broad user base. The included accessories, such as the Peltier cooler and the button heater, will allow samples to be cooled down and heated up, in-situ, to temperatures relevant for fuel-cell applications.

The facility was financed from the operational program of large research infrastructure program of the Czech Republic.

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