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1st International Workshop of the Nanomaterials Group

1st International Workshop of the Nanomaterials Group

The Nanomaterials Group (NMG) organized a group workshop in July 1st – 7th, 2018, in Slovakia in Spišské Bystré near Poprad. Very pleasant village in proximity of the national parks of Slovak Paradise and High Tatras was an excellent environment for combining science and hiking. We organized 3 days of lectures and 3 days of walking discussions, followed by evening round tables and social events. The hiking trips were guided by our host, a professional mountain guide.

Besides the NMG members, the workshop was attended by invited scientists from Uzhhorod National University and from the SOLARIS Synchrotron in Kraków and by a German expert on synchrotron light source equipment. The workshop was also attended by our visiting young researchers from Spain and France.

25 scientists of all categories from students and postdocs to senior researchers from Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Spain, Poland, and Germany contributed to the strengthening of international collaboration of NMG, efficient exchange of results of our actual scientific advancement, presentations of visions, and enhancement of the group’s friendly ambiance.

For the great success of the event, we have decided that the 2nd NMG Workshop will be organized at the same place during the 1st week of July 2019.