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Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis under Environmental Conditions 

The SPECS EnviroESCA is a novel and smart analysis tool, that overcomes the barriers of standard XPS systems by enabling analyses at pressures far above UHV. EnviroESCA is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of catalysis, medical technology, biotechnology and the life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics.

Key Applications for EnviroESCA

Energy Materials and Devices

Batteries and fuel cells are devices that use chemical reactions to store and convert energy. Fuel cells for instance consume fuel and oxidants during operation so that their investigation is not possible in traditional XPS spectrometers. With EnviroESCA the fundamental steps in such devices can be investigated in operando.


The function and efficiency of a catalyst is principally determined by its surface properties. XPS and NAPXPS are proven and powerful tools for investigating catalytic behaviour in studies ranging from model systems
to real world materials

Biological Materials

With the capability of operating in the near ambient pressure regime EnviroESCA offers an entirely new opportunity to investigate biological materials and processes, making ESCA more versatile than ever before.


Water and aqueous reagents are essential in any biological process or system. But apart from a few special low vapor-pressure cases, liquids have not been accessible to any technique requiring UHV conditions. EnviroESCA opens up this exciting field of applications.




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