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From fundamental knowledge to advanced catalytic materials for proton-exchange membrane fuel cell

The project deals with application of unique experimental methods on disentangling the physics and chemistry behind the activity and stability of cathode catalysts in PEMFCs. The proposed cutting-edge approach based on the implementation of fuel cells directly into state-of-art techniques will allow the catalyst behavior to be studied during their operation and thus advance understanding of the relationship between its structure, composition and fuel cell operating modes. Obtained fundamental knowledge will help to develop of a new highly efficient class of cathode catalysts for PEMFCs.

Grant provider Grantová agentura ČR
Programme Standardní projekty
Panel P204 – Fyzika kondenzovaných látek a materiálů
Project ID 22-03643S
Duration 2022-2024
Principal investigator doc. Mgr. Ivan Khalakhan Ph.D.