CERIC-ERIC is calling for proposals

02/06/2020 1557c-CERIC-logo-v.png

CERIC has opened the regular call for Open Access proposals. You can now apply for measurement time in July–December 2020. The deadlines for proposal submission are March 2, 2020, 5:00 p.m. CET to have a pre-evaluation and the possibility to improve your proposal, March 31, 2020, 5:00 p.m. CEST for the final submission. CERIC-ERIC, the Central…


Study on a Pt-Ni cathode catalyst published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

02/04/2020 1537c-Pt-Ni-catalyst.png

Dr. Ivan Khalakhan and co-workers have studied the impact of the operating conditions of a proton-exchange-membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) on a Pt-Ni cathode catalyst. The aim was to gain fundamental insights into the changes in its surface composition. A PtNi alloy catalyst was exposed alternately to oxidizing (O2) and reducing (H2) atmospheres, which…


Dr. Jaroslava Nováková receives Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship

12/24/2019 1517c-79750814-1078809365795533-3855947769206276096-o.jpg

Dr. Jaroslava Nováková has been awarded the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship, which is a grant to support selected scientists with their pre-school children. The Martina Roeselová Foundation commemorates Dr. Martina Roeselová, who was a Czech chemical physicist that combined her scientific career with raising three children and who also…


Tomáš Hrbek awarded the Dean's Prize for his bachelor thesis

12/13/2019 1477c-dean-prize-2019-bc.jpg

Our master student Tomáš Hrbek has received the Dean's Prize, which is awarded yearly to the authors of four best bachelor's and four best master's theses defended that year across the faculty. Tomáš…


Honorary doctorate for Prof. Matolín

12/09/2019 1497c-IMG-6994.jpg

Uzhhorod National University has awarded Prof. Vladimír Matolín the title Doctor honoris causa for his outstanding and special merits and great achievements in the development of national education…


New publications on nanostructured catalysts

11/12/2019 1374c-Peto-abstract-2019.png

The effort of our group to reduce the costs of water electrolyzers and hydrogen fuel cells is reflected in two new articles, published respectively in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and…


New logo of the Nanomaterials Group

11/04/2019 1414c-nmg-logo-barevna-pozitivni-2x.png

The Nanomaterials Group presents its new logo. The logo has been selected in a competition, for which group members and a few other people submitted 26 proposals in total. The proposals were…


Podzimní studentské fakultní granty


Skupina nanomateriálů vypisuje na tento podzim osm témat pro studentské fakultní granty (SFG). Ty nabízí fakulta dvakrát ročně bakalářským a magisterským studentům; žádost může podat jednotlivec nebo i skupina studentů. Každý student ale může v jednom kole SFG řešit pouze jeden projekt. Žádosti o…


2nd Workshop of the Nanomaterials Group

10/25/2019 1289c-SB2019-cover.jpg

The Nanomaterials Group (NMG) organized the 2nd group workshop in Spišské Bystré, Slovakia. We spent one week, from June 30th to July 6th, in the pleasant village and its surroundings, which span the…